Cowboy Church Musicians

Capital Cowboy Church is blessed with a diversified group of musicians.  The CCC band as we call it consists of super talented locals, members of our church, as well as a few top local professional country performers.  Music in the Capital Cowboy Church is something we take very serious.

The band changes from week to week as the members are available to take time from their busy schedules and grace us with their ample God given talents.

Our performers include George Ensle, Bruce Fallgren, Carolyn Reininger, Bob Rose, KR Wood, Donna Bailey, Tyler Carson, Billy Cummings, Dana McBride, Greg McClendon, Jack Walthall, Winnell Chinn, Jenny Lippincott, Salli Wilson, & Leland Williams.

A group of these fine musicians combine their instruments and voices each and every Sunday to make a “Joyful Noise Unto the Lord"!!  Be there to experience this week’s blessing!!!





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